Windies cricket has never been in a more gloomier state: Richards

Friday, October 22, 2010

ANTIGUA - The West Indies will head for Sri Lanka and are hoping to improve their miserable Test ranking of seventh out of nine, but according to former skipper Sir Vivian Richards, West Indian cricket has never been in a gloomier state.

“For too long they have been comfortable with mediocrity. And, when you’re comfortable with mediocrity, the next stage is that you’re working hard even to be mediocre. One problem is that the West Indies board don’t want to involve individuals who had success in West Indian cricket,” Fox Sports quoted Richards, as saying.

When asked whether he was referring to himself?, he said: “Yeah, such as me. The establishment seems a little insecure. They think I’m being critical, but actually I’m being positive. I’m offering my help. Because you know, cricket doesn’t change. The technology changes, but cricket is still just about a bat and a ball.”

“I don’t know why the board won’t turn to blokes who know what winning is all about. Because it’s not just about talent, it’s about attitude. Look at Liverpool [FC]. The talent is there, but the attitude is wrong,” he adds.

The West Indian cricketing talent, he reckons, is there too.

“It’s no different from my time. Darren Sammy [the new captain] is a talented cricketer. Nobody can say that Chris Gayle isn’t talented, and Jerome Taylor… but it’s about the execution of that talent. I see batsmen backing away while the bowler is running up, leaving the lumber yard exposed. They should learn to move at the last second, while keeping the head as still as possible. I can help with that,” Richards said. (ANI)

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