Hewitts release pics of newborn baby girl in OK! Magazine

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SYDNEY - Tennis player Lleyton Hewitt and his wife actress Rebecca ‘Bec’ Cartwright have released pictures of their newborn baby girl in OK! Magazine.

Their daughter, Ava Sydney Hewitt, was born prematurely on October 19.

“Ava looks just like a little Mia [her big sister],” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Bec, 27, as saying.

Lleyton, 29, explained that the name was a long-time favourite, and added that they had always wanted Sydney as the middle name.

“It’s a really nice connection to where she was born and also where we got married at the Sydney Opera House,” he stated. (ANI)
‘Ajmal’s overdose of “doosras” against Proteas failed the purpose’|Sports[Dubai{Dubai, Nov 16 (ANI): Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal failed to weave the ‘Doosra’ magic like his compatriot Saqlain Mushtaq in the ongoing Test series against South Africa because he was probably trying the trick too frequently.

“Saqlain’s success with it in the Tests or in the ODI’s was because he bowled it sparingly as a surprise delivery, as did Muttiah Muralitharan later, to pulverise many a batsmen,” the Dawn said.

“If only Saeed Ajmal had done his homework or had studied the two great bowlers, he would have been a lot more successful bowler than he is today,” it added.

It noted that it is “alright when he bowls a couple every over in limited overs cricket where batsmen, looking for runs, play across the line to falter against that trajectory.”

“In Tests, however, it is a different ball game,” it maintained.

On Monday, when two experienced batsmen of the caliber of Jacques Kallis and Hashim Amla, with their powers of concentration and skill, began to frustrate Pakistan in a record stand, Ajmal’s overdose of doosras- after every second delivery- was not much of a problem for them.

‘The Doosra’ is an off-spinner’s mystery delivery, which goes the other way rather than spinning into the batsman. Disguising it as an off-break, Mushtaq would bowl that ball occasionally with the back flick of one of his fingers to baffle the best of the batsmen.

His skill received the publicity it deserved during a match at The Bellerive Oval Hobart in 1999 when Saqlain mesmerised the Australian batsmen, picking up six wickets for 46, a haul which should have won Pakistan the Test to remain in the series. (ANI)

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