Grand Slam history beckons Nadal, but he insists he is under no pressure

Sunday, January 16, 2011

MELBOURNE - The prospect of the 24-year-old Spaniard Rafael Nadal becoming only the third man ever to hold all four Grand Slam titles is the talk of this year’s Australian Open, which begins tomorrow, but Nadal himself insists that he feels under no more pressure than normal.

“This may be the only opportunity in my career to do this, but that’s not the reason I will feel any pressure here,” he said yesterday.

“The pressure is just the same at every Grand Slam event. You want to play well in the important tournaments. Whether I win a fourth Grand Slam in a row is not something that’s on my mind. What’s on my mind is trying to play well, trying to start the season playing well. Then we will see what’s going on,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Nadal, as saying.

Nadal said he considered the task of winning four Grand Slams in a row to be “almost impossible”.

Asked how special it would be, he replied: “I think it’s better if we continue with another question.

Seriously, I can’t answer this because I haven’t thought about it. If it does happen, I’m sure that I will be more happy at winning here because it’s the Australian Open rather than because it’s the fourth Grand Slam title in a row.” (ANI)

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