CAB accuse ICC of double standards on Eden Gardens

Saturday, January 29, 2011

KOLKATA - The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) virtually accused the International Cricket Council (ICC) of double standards after the international body Saturday turned down its plea of retaining the historical Eden Gardens as the venue for the India-England World Cup match.

CAB joint secretary Biswarup Dey said the ICC has different principles for different venues.

“The inspection was done on January 25 and Eden was removed as a venue on January 27. But the rest of the venues got an extension of 14 days. It seems the ICC has different principles for different venues,” said Dey.

Dey was surprised with ICC’s decision as the CAB had promised the ICC to finish the construction work at the Eden by January-end.

“I am not aware why this decision was taken. December 31 was the tentative date for completion of work. We had asked for extension promising to finish the job by January. By January, one understands January 31 and not January 25 when the ICC team came for the inspection. The talk that CAB has failed to meet the deadline is not right,” said Dey.

Dey said he was willing to step down owning moral responsibility.

“If we can take credit for organising the match we then also have to take criticism for our failure to hold the match. When the ICC has taken away the match, we cannot absolve us from culpability. At least I cannot absolve myself.”

Asked if CAB president Jagmohan Dalmiya should resign, Dey said: “The president is the highest body. The real functionaries are the secretaries. If anybody has to take the blame then it has to be me. There is no question of the president being held responsible. After the completion of the renovation work on February 5, if the members feel that I should resign then I am ready to do that.”

The ICC struck-off Eden Gardens as the venue of the important India-England match following an adverse report from its venue inspection team that visited Kolkata and four other venues earlier this week to review their readiness for the big event being hosted jointly by India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from Feb 19 to April 2.

Apart from the India-England encounter, Eden Gardens is supposed to host three other games — South Africa vs. Ireland (March 15), the Netherlands vs. Ireland (March 18), and Zimbabwe vs. Kenya (March 20).

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