Bill Williams has potential to become Muhammad Ali: Tony Mundine

Monday, January 31, 2011

SYDNEY - Australian boxing legend Tony Mundine has claimed that New Zealand’s Sonny Bill Williams has the potential to become the next Muhammad Ali.

His comments came after Williams’ victory over Sydney brawler Scott Lewis at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on Saturday.

Williams, who is a dual New Zealand international in both rugby league and union, is trying hard to make a mark in the boxing world as well.

Mundine said that Williams should consider boxing as his primary occupation following this year’s Rugby World Cup.

“I said to Williams in 12 months time he could be the second Ali. He could be anything. I saw him about 12 months ago, I really thought he moved like Ali.e needs more fights … If he keeps on boxing seriously, he will be the second Ali,” the Daily Telegraph quoted him, as saying.

On being asked if he has seen anyone else with Williams’ raw ability, Mundine replied: “Never. Without a question. When you’ve got guys like Tony Mundine in your corner, helping you out, you learn a lot.”

Ali has won a record number of 57 matches in his 62-fight career, 39 of those by knockout. (ANI)

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