Yasir Hameed files complaint against UK tabloid that conducted ‘fixing’ sting operation

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ISLAMABAD - Discarded Pakistan batsman Yasir Hameed, who made claims over match-fixing in the team during Pakistan’s infamous tour to England last year before retracting from his comments, has lodged a formal complaint with the UK Press Complaint Commission against the tabloid News of the World (NOTW).

Hameed, who last played for Pakistan on the 2010 England tour, was the subject of a video sting operation by the British tabloid, in which he was seen discussing the fall-out of the Lord’s spot-fixing controversy and, among other things, an approach by a bookie during the 2004 Champions Trophy in England.

He was shown on the hidden camera speaking casually about the case against the Pakistan team, but went further claiming that he had lost his place in the team because he had refused to become involved in match-fixing.

Hameed now says he was duped by the investigative reporter, who came to him just days after the end of the four-Test series, claiming to be a representative of a global airline that wanted to talk about possible sponsorship deals.

The player is now seeking a formal apology and retraction from the tabloid, the Daily Times reports.

Hameed opted to wait till the end of the spot-fixing hearings and a definitive verdict before he filed his complaint, which centres on four points- inaccurate reporting, a breach of privacy, misrepresentation of character and harassment.

Hameed’s lawyer Umar Khayyam said in December last year that he had advised his client to “first submit a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission of England against the NOTW for using him (Yasir) in a sting operation, which was illegal and unethical.”My client was wrongly implicated in the whole scandal and his interview was broadcast based on conjectures and it was an interview that was supposed to be unofficial,” he maintained.

“We are confident that the Press Complaints Commission of England will take note of our complaint and provide some redress to my client who has suffered a lot since the interview was released and whose career has also been badly affected by the incident,” the lawyer added. (ANI)

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