Bob Feller Dies At 92
CLEVELAND ( Bob Feller, the Hall of Famer pitcher who is also regarded as the one of the very best right-handers in the history of baseball, passed away on Wednesday night after suffering from acute leukemia for quite a long period of time.
Don King Caught With Ammunition
CLEVELAND ( Boxing promoter Don King, who is known for his flamboyant lifestyle and his outlandish hairstyle was caught with ammunition in his bag on Monday.
Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Miami Heat: LeBron James Sizzles
CLEVELAND ( Lebron James returned to Cleveland in a game against the side that helped him achieve super-stardom in basketball.
LeBron James Greeted With Boos
CLEVELAND ( In what was by far one of the most anticipated matches of the NBA season this year, the Miami Heat took on the Cleveland Cavaliers on December 2.
Cleveland Cavaliers Wins Sans LeBron James
CLEVELAND ( While on the first match Miami Heat disappointed its fans by losing the game against Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers push their way to glory in the opening night by thrashing Boston Celtics sans its most powerful player LeBron James.
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