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New York Jets Beats Indianapolis Colts By 17-16
INDIANAPOLIS ( Last night, the New York Jets successfully paved their way for the AFC semi-finals after they clinched victory against the Indianapolis Colts beating them by a score of 17-16.
Rex Ryan Wife’s Photos Stirs NFL Controversy
SAN FRANCISCO ( A major incident that sparked last week has stirred a controversy in the National Football League.
Rex Ryan Foot Controversy Makes Headlines
NEW YORK ( The New York Jets is facing one trouble after another this year involving the players and coaches.
Patriots Vs Jets Match Ends With 45-3
FOXBOROUGH ( The Jets vs Patriots match recorded the fifth largest margin of victory in the history of the latter, while it also gave them the lead in the AFC East to head them towards the final quarter of the season.
Joe Flacco Struggled to break Jet’s Defense, Ravens win by 10-9
NEW YORK ( -- Last night Baltimore Ravens defeated the NewYork Jets for 10-9.
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