Shoaib Malik First Wife, Ayesha Siddiqui?

By Sayantika, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 1, 2010

LAHORE, PAKISTAN ( The news that the Indian tennis star, Sania Mirza will marry the Pakistani cricket player, Shoaib Malik has not only led to multiple anticipations but also has sparked some controversies. According to the reports, the well-known cricket player might have to face some legal hassles before he marries Sania Mirza. Reports indicate that Shoaib Malik might have to face legal hassles if he does not divorce Ayesha Siddiqui, who is allegedly reported to be his first wife.

According to the reports, MA Siddiqui, who is allegedly reported as the father of Shoaib Malik’s first wife will file a legal case against the cricketer if he marries Sania Mirza before divorcing his daughter. Reports indicate that the alleged father-in-law of the cricketer has stated that he does not have any demand from the cricketer. He only wants him to divorce Ayesha Siddiqui so that she can her life in a new way.

As per the reports, father of Shoaib Malik’s alleged first wife, said that he has evidences to proof that the cricketer has married his daughter and now he is cheating on her. Reports indicate that even though MA Siddiqui has warned the cricketer of legal case, he does not have any problem regarding the second marriage of Shoaib Malik. Reports indicate that he has wished the Indian tennis player, Sania Mirza all the luck for starting a new journey of her life. Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik’s marriage is scheduled this month and the reports of the cricketers first wife has given rise to several speculations regarding their marriage.


abul houl baqai prhvi nagarajan kirbhala subramaniyam
April 7, 2010: 12:47 pm

i don’t understand why my india boys will start eating meat, none i know eat meat, they prefer vegetables, and therefore lack in vitality important for a marriage, this is the reason all indian girls prefer pakistani boys since they remain active for a very long time.celebrities like reena roy and girls who remain close to shoib akhtarknows what it means for a girl to have a pakistani boy, but i have yet to see a pakistani girl marrying a indian boy. we must start eating meat, and fighting with meat. ghosht khaoo aur gosht laraoo.
take care

April 2, 2010: 7:16 am

As an ordinary person i understand the following : (we can’t conclude – only they know the truth)

1) shohaib was an ordinary person – when he had online romance with ayesha siddiqui – that was in 2002 or before.
2) shohaib saw Ayesha’s pic and may be ayeshas parents insisted him to marry ayesha. Ayesha’s pic given were fake as shohaib’s family says. Also also another thing – during the time of online chat romance.. how its strange that they never had video conference and voice chat. Atleast before marrying someone will want to see his future wife’s face.
3) Shohaib’s family accept one things – the girls photo and the person whom he was talking doesn’t match. When did he came to know about this ? (is it before nikah or after nikah)
4) Suppose in a hurry if shohaib accepted telephonic nikah (by seeing wrong photo) – then is it a valid nikah?
5) If the nikah really happened and after that shohaib might have decided not to continue marriage..
6) But another thing – why would Ayesha’s dad come in public .. something is there or something big must have happened. Also the pak cricket team joined the feast in hyderabad – this means somethg big much has happened.
7) The reason is – if they had a love affair via chat .. how it is possible they haven’t met (even via video chat) – If we guess the wrong (fake/dummy) girl had met shohaib – and shohaib thought that she was ayesha then how could shohaib didn’t recognize Ayesha’s voice or Ayesha’s talks (i am sure he should have understood that this would be a dummy girl..someone can’t be such dumb)

This looks like a filmi story – i think justice should be given – truth should be out.

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