FA centre at Burton, the biggest step England has taken in 30 years: Fergie

Thursday, November 18, 2010

LONDON - The Football Association’s (FA) to set up a center for producing young players in Burton, is probably the biggest step England has taken in the last 30 years, said Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

“We don’t get the kind of player through that we used to because we don’t have the platform to do so. Things like computers are taking people’s lives away. So, to have a center for concentrating on producing young players will be a major step forward. It has to happen,” The Sun quoted Ferguson, as saying.

Commenting on managers getting the sack, he said: ” We are in a very competitive world because of the media and supporters. Very often you get knee-jerk reactions. Brian Clough and Arsene Wenger are great examples of what can happen if you don’t change a manager. Changing doesn’t guarantee success.”

“Longevity has proved in my case, in Brian Clough’s and Arsene Wenger’s, that it can bring success. You wonder when directors are sitting round the table in the boardroom with their cheese and all that whether they actually consider Alex Ferguson, Brian Clough or Arsene Wenger,” he added. (ANI)

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