Oz young brigade unfit for challenges of big stage cricket: Roebuck

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SYDNEY - Noted cricket commentator Peter Roebuck believes that the ‘next generation’ of cricketers in Australia have ‘fluffed its lines’ and are not worthy of inclusion in the Ashes squad.

“Australia cannot afford the luxury of putting potential ahead of achievement. Among the proven, Shaun Marsh has been scoring runs at the top of the order and ought to be considered for Perth. His record is not that strong, but his form cannot be faulted,” Roebuck wrote in his syndicated column for the Sydney Morning Herald.

“His wonky back has been a worry and reinforces impressions that modern Australian cricketers are a fragile lot in urgent need not of gyms and physios, but the sort of tough mentoring Anil Kumble has been asked to provide for their Indian counterparts,” he added.

Roebuck though insists that Australia does have some experienced men who can stand up and deliver. Andrew McDonald, David Hussey and Cameron White are the others catching the eye. McDonald is injured, but Hussey is a better operator than any of the younger brigade,” Roebuck wrote.

“White’s weakness against fast bowling holds him back, but he is a resourceful fellow and could hardly fare worse at No. 6 than the alternatives,” he added.

However, he said that nothing much is going right in Australian cricket, as the “system has broken down”.

“Apart from Hussey, none of the players mentioned would get into the England squad. The obsession with youth in grade and shield cricket has gone too far. The system has broken down. Australia has forgotten the lessons it taught the world. It has forgotten that maturity and excellence are born of hard experience,” Roebuck wrote. (ANI)

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