Jamie Langenbrunner To Join Philadelphia Flyers?

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 7, 2011

Jamie Langenbrunner

NEWARK (GaeaTimes.com)- The latest rumor surfacing in the camps of NHL is that Jamie Langenbrunner may soon quit his old team and move on to the Philadelphia Flyers. Although the news has gained no assurance but reports are abuzz that the New Jersey Devils’ captain will be joining a new team in the next season. Not much time is left for Jamie Langenbrunner’s contract with the New Jersey Devils to get over. Hence, it is not unusual for the Flyers to make prior preparations for hiring the Devils’s captain.

A source close to the Philadelphia Flyers revealed that of late the Philadelphia Flyers have been showing interest to add ace player Jamie Langenbrunner to their team. Reportedly, they had also fixed up meetings with the New Jersey Devils’ officials and held discussions. Recently, before the Devils versus Flyers match on Thursday, general manager Lou Lamoriello had asked the 35-year-old winger not to go into any kind of deals. However, after the match results came out, things are being counted in a different way. Speculations are arising that with the 4-2 loss of the New Jersey Devils to the Philadelphia Flyers, things might get reversed.

Those who until now were assured that Jamie Langenbrunner would not be deserting the Devils can well understand that chances of him joining hands with the Philadelphia Flyers are looming high. It is being speculated that the Flyers might hire Jamie Langenbrunner for a sparkling $3.6 million which would surpass his last contract of $2.8 million with the New Jersey Devils. It is not unknown that the Devils are not at all keen to lose Jamie Langenbrunner. As to what Jamie Langenbrunner’s next action will be, will only be clear with the course of time.

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