BBC backs football pundit Groves over ‘inconsistent, emotional women referee’ comments

Sunday, January 30, 2011

LONDON - The BBC has backed its football analyst Perry Groves’ comments that women were too inconsistent to be referees and could become too emotional, depressed or aggressive during their “time of the month”.

Groves had written in an article published in The Sun last year: “I know a lot of women and they’re not consistent from hour to hour. Footballers want the rules to be applied consistently and this wouldn’t happen with women refs. It’s hard enough for male refs to earn respect from players. With a woman in charge, players will be thinking: ‘You know nothing about football’. Also, let’s face it, women have periods and we all know how hormones affect them. Would women refs be banned during their ‘time of the month’ because they might be more emotional, depressed or aggressive?” he added.

The Telegraph quoted a BBC spokesman as saying that Groves is a light hearted fellow, and his comments about women referee should not be analysed in a negative way.

“If you know Perry, yes he does give an analysis of the game but he is also a light-hearted foil to Colin Murray and that’s the kind of attitude and style that they have. I don’t think Perry would stand by that as a serious analysis of women’s refereeing standards,” the spokesman added.

Meanwhile, Groves declined to comments on his earlier statements because it would be interoperated in a different way, but only insisted that his views on female officials were not meant to be taken seriously. (ANI)

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