Ryder now more circumspect with his tweets

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WELLINGTON - New Zealand middle order batsman Jesse Ryder will continue to use Twitter, but with a difference. He has decided not to use it during games.

Ryder caused a minor stir on Sunday when he tweeted immediately after being run out in a mix-up with teammate Stephen Murdoch during the domestic one-day match between Wellington and Northern Districts at the Basin Reserve.

“I just got run out by my other batter. What a waste of time this day is,” Ryder wrote after his four-ball innings. I love getting left high and dry by my opening batter,” he said.yder was not in breach of contract but stuff.co.nz quoted his manager, Aaron Klee, as saying that the left-hander would be more selective on Twitter in the future.

“He just needs to be careful what he does say and when he says it,” Klee said.

Cricket Wellington chief executive Gavin Larsen also said that he has no plans to speak to Ryder, saying it was a matter that the Firebirds would sort out internally in terms of use of phones in the dressing room. (ANI)

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