Now, cost of winning a UK Premier League match is 7.2 million pounds: Research

Sunday, February 6, 2011

LONDON - The cost of winning a Premier League football match is 7.2 million pounds, proof that spending power has become more important than skill.

Research by a leading business analyst has shown that the more clubs spend on players and their wages, the more points they win over the season, the Daily Express reports.

This proves that the amount of money clubs have, not the expertise of their managers and coaches, is the key to successful campaigns.

It also shows why smaller clubs looking to make the leap from the lower divisions to the Championship and Premier League often slip back down after a season or two.

Professor Stefan Szymanski of the Cass Business School in London looked at the amount of points earned by clubs in relation to expenditure since the Premier League was formed in 1991.nd he came to the conclusion that the cost of winning a Premier League football match is 7.2 million pounds.

His research shows that the cost of winning a game in the Premier League is more than 200 per cent up on the 348,000 pounds needed 20 years ago. (ANI)

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