Ric Charlesworth, the best man to coach Aussie cricketers: Roebuck

Friday, January 21, 2011

SYDNEY - Dr Richard Charlesworth is the best candidate to coach the Australian cricket team, feels cricket columnist Peter Roebuck.

Describing as a man of many parts, sporting and otherwise, Roebuck said Charlesworth has the “exposure, organizational powers and rigour needed to lift the team out of its current malaise.”

He said that Charlesworth has previously shown interest in the position and might yet be persuaded to undertake it as the last challenge of a distinguished career.

He considered applying for the role in the 1980s, only to withdraw upon hearing that Bob Simpson was also available.

“Charlesworth knew that Simpson was a shoo-in and so put the ambition into the back of his mind.

But cricket has been a big part of his life and it’s not too late to sign him up. His outside experiences put meat on the bone. Charlesworth has observed the vicissitudes of life and is aware of contemporary coaching methods,” said Roebuck in his syndicated column for the Sydney Morning Herald.

He said that Charlesworth’s credentials are strong.

“As a youth, he fought his way into the West Australian side and represented his state from 1972 to 1980, helping them to secure four Sheffield Shields. Doubtless he learned a lot playing alongside colleagues as varied and mutually respected as Dennis Lillee and John Inverarity,” Roebuck adds.

Charlesworth played hockey in the winter and rose to represent his country 227 times and to play in five Olympics, winning a silver medal in 1976.

Blessed with an active mind, Charlesworth also became involved in politics while still playing hockey and in 1983 secured the seat of Perth for the ALP. He held the constituency for 10 years before making way for Stephen Smith, another keen cricketer and as Foreign Minister well aware of the continuing iniquities in Zimbabwe.

Nor did commitments in Canberra prevent Charlesworth, a medical doctor, coaching the Hockeyroos and more recently the Kookaburras. Under his stewardship, both women’s and men’s teams went on the win world titles.

A lot of victories appear on Charlesworth’s record and it’s hard to avoid thinking that he knows a thing or two about the topic.

Charlesworth has also written three books and assisted Indian hockey and Kiwi cricket. Oh, yes, and he has been awarded the Order of Australia.

If anything he is over-qualified for the job. However, a man of his calibre is required to help the team deal with its current predicament.

He has the quiet authority and track record required to make players listen and the humility to realize that he is not the fountain of all wisdom.

Roebuck also said that Trevor Bayliss, who has performed admirably with NSW and Sri Lanka, and West Australia coach Mickey Arthur are other impressive alternatives. (ANI)

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