Sports federations upbeat with Maken’s appointment

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEW DELHI - The National Sports Federations (NSFs) were upbeat and expect a positive change with the appointment of Ajay Maken as India’s new sports minister here Wednesday.

The 47-year-old Maken replaced Manohar Singh Gill, 74, who was also blamed for the scam-hit Commonwealth Games.

The following are the comments of the sports federations:

R.K Shetty (president, Indian Hockey Federation): Whatever I have heard of Mr. Maken, he is a very positive person and I am extremely happy for him. We need a young and energetic sports minister. It will help Indian sports. He is the right choice. I am sure he will take stock of the situation and will resolve the issues. He will take Indian sports forward.

Paresh Mukherjee (secretary-general, Archery Association of India): I have no idea about Ajay Maken, but he is much younger than M.S. Gill and I think that is the way to go ahead. Indian sports can only move forward when you have new thoughts and plans. We are hopeful that under Maken’s leadership there will be some positive changes in Olympic sports in the country.

Sukhdev Singh Dhinsa (president, Cycling Federation of India): Ajay Maken will be a better sports minister than Gill, who was a dictator of sorts. Gill did not consult us when the new guidelines were issued. If he wanted to have a tenure cap then he should have consulted the federations. I know Ajay since he is my neighbour and since he is involved with sports he will have an edge over his predecessor. I would want him to sit with all the sports federations as well as the athletes on how to take the nation forward in the world sporting arena.

G.S. Mander (president, Wrestling Federation of India): We expect better governance and transparency from the sports minister. This is a change for the better as a young sports minister will bring new ideas and plans for the development of sports in the country.

Ranbir Chauhan (executive director, All India Tennis Association): We expect Maken to carry forward the good work. India has to come up as a sports super power and we have to work together to achieve it.

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