Tom Cavanagh Dies At 28

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Saturday, January 8, 2011

SAN JOSE ( One of the most competent players of the Worcester Sharks’, Tom Cavanagh left for the heavenly abode. According to the first reports of the authorities, the player apparently committed suicide and his body was discovered from Providence Place Mall’s parking garage yesterday afternoon. The authorities suspect that he deliberately got himself hit by a car, as they found signs of multiple traumatic injuries in his body. The news of the death of this 28 year old came as a shock to several people, who were close to him. According to the sources, he was suffering from mental illness for a long period.

Roy Sommer, who has been his coach for a long period of time, and admired his potential as a player could not believe the news. He said to a reputed news source that he almost went “numb”. The coach recalls him as a very quite boy, with an ultimate team spirit. He was loved by all him team members for his sporting attitude, and determination to play with a calm disposition under any circumstances. Roy Sommer also added that he was one of those few team members who would play with his full spirit, even if he had an injury and when he was in the field, one could be assured that he would come up with the ultimate productivity. On the other hand, Joseph Cavanagh, his father still feels proud of his son Tom Cavanagh. He said that he bravely fought the “demons of mental illness”. He said the struggle that he was going through in his personal life, was much more painful than the apparent success he gained as a hockey player.

The team’s general manager, Doug Wilson was also taken aback, as he came to know about the demise of Tom Cavanagh. He added that he was an extra “ordinary man”, and a very good team mate. He feels proud to have got him in the last four seasons.

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