Tom Bradley - New Pittsburgh Coach?

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 6, 2011

PITTSBURGH ( Although it remains to be officially confirmed but latest rumors surfacing the Pittsburgh football team is that Tom Bradley is going to be the team’s new head coach. It is known that Pittsburgh authorities have been interviewing a list of probable candidates since Monday. A source close to the Pittsburgh camp revealed that the team had finally come towards the end of the selection program left with the names of Sal Sunseri, assistant head coach of Alabama and Tom Bradley, defensive coordinator of Penn State Nittany Lions. After some final discussions they chose to hire in Tom Bradley as the new coach.

The hunt for the head coach began after the Pittsburgh Panthers authorities fired former coach Mike Haywood last weekend. Mike Haywood lost the position after he got arrested last week owing to charges of domestic violence in Indiana last week. The former coach had a short stay at the Pittsburgh for only two and a half weeks. He had joined the Pittsburgh Panthers last December after Dave Wannstedt was forced to resign from the post. Of late it seems like that the headache of coach selection have been keeping Pittsburgh authorities busy. However, on being questioned about the recruitment of Tom Bradley, Pittsburgh authorities shun themselves away from it. Instead they denied that anything like this had taken place.

However, it is being speculated that since official announcement of the news has not been made, officials are choosing to be tight-lipped on the matter. News broke that Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley has already met Steve Pederson, athletic director of Pittsburgh and members of Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg’s administration.

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