No change of guard in men’s tennis, says defeated Federer

Friday, January 28, 2011

LONDON - After being defeated by Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open semi-finals, Roger Federer has said that there would be no change of the guard in men’s tennis.

The Swiss player, who was beaten 7-6 (7/3) 7-5 6-4 by Djokovic in the semi-finals, is now without one of the game’s four major trophies for the first time since 2003.

However, Federer appeared confident when asked whether the era of dominance was over.

“They say that very quickly. Let’s talk in six months again. Its not the end in any way,” the Brisbane Times quoted Federer, who hasn’t made a major final since winning last year’s Australian Open, as saying.

He said he was simply outplayed by Djokovic and remained confident in his own game, especially after winning three of his last four tournaments in 2010 and his season-opener in Doha.

“I don’t think tonight was a bad match. I can move on from this with a good mindset, to be honest. I don’t feel like I have physical issues or I’m not playing the right way or whatever,” Federer said.

“I’m really positive about what’s ahead of me. I’ve barely lost matches lately really, so I’m happy with where my game is at, with where my condition is at. had a great season last year, and I think I’ll have another one this year,” he added.

Meanwhile, Djokovic said talks of a new guard was premature, but added that “things are changing” at the top of men’s tennis.

“All the credit to (Federer and Nadal and) what they have done in last five, six years. They’ve been very dominant and just a great example of champions. It was really hard to challenge them, especially in the big events where they play their best tennis. Now these things are changing a little bit, so from that perspective it’s good for the sport.” Djokovic said. (ANI)

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