CWG: Infostrada refutes allegations of non-performance

Friday, February 4, 2011

CHENNAI - Infostrada Sports, the Dutch company contracted by the Delhi Commonwealth Games Organising Committee to provide media services, has refuted allegations of “non-performance” while claiming that the organisers still owed the company $618,000.

In a statement, Infostrada Sports CEO Philip Hennemann said his company put in extra work to “rescue” the Organising Committee in the days leading up to the Delhi Games.

This was when there was a near breakdown of media communication facilities in the first few days of the October event.

“We are owed 30 percent of our contract, which amounts to $618,000; our contract was a very clear and detailed document, signed and authorised by the legal representatives of the Organising Committee,” Hennemann said.

Hennemann stated that his firm will join other companies “both Australian and international and fight until it is resolved”.

He said Infostrada Sports had worked in more than 40 events, including six Olympic Games, but had been never accused of non-performance.

As regards the Commonwealth Games imbroglio, Hennemann said: “We never had any official or unofficial statement that we were ever in default of our contract; nor a single warning that this was likely.

We have never had any explanation about what we are alleged to have failed to deliver as part of our Games contract.

We were praised for our work in Delhi by various stakeholders, including the Commonwealth Games Federation, various OC officials and the media.

We were officially and publicly thanked by the OC for doing extra work, at no charge, to rescue them during the period of technical issues in the days leading into and first days of the Games.

None of these technical issues were the responsibility of Infostrada Sports, but the clear responsibility of other providers to the Organising Committee.

Our scope of services was very clearly detailed. However, as demonstrated, such a contract can be disregarded with great ease.”

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