My interest in sado-masochism began at age 3 or 4, says ex F1 boss

Sunday, February 6, 2011

LONDON - Former Formula One boss Max Mosley has revealed that his interest in sado-masochism began when he was just three or four years old.

He, however, admitted that he didn’t know where his ‘deep interest’ in beating as part of sexual activity came from, reports the Daily Mail.

He said even at a young age if he heard a story about somebody being beaten it triggered ‘a deep interest’, adding: “As soon as I even knew, or half knew, what sex was, I saw being beaten as a sexual activity.”

Mosley also said his sado-masochism is a ‘quirk’ of character and people are ‘animals in the end’.

“I think it’s like being homosexual. It’s a quirk in your character. People have to be adult and simply say, well it’s sex and sex is very strange,” he told FT Weekend Magazine when asked about his interest in BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism).

According to Mosley, even ordinary sex is either very funny or disgusting, or both. That’s how it is, we’re animals in the end.

“Yes, if you’re a civilised human being there’s a great reluctance to hurt somebody. You may find it disagreeable, but you do it because you’re giving such pleasure to the other person. In that world it’s an absolute taboo to go beyond the limit of the victim if you’re the oppressor,” he added.

He also said he was ‘not really practised’ at BDSM which was ‘only ever a small thing’ which he used to go for years without doing.

In 2008, the British High Court awarded him 60,000 pounds damages against the News of the World after ruling that there was no justification for a front-page article and pictures about his meeting with five hookers in a London flat.

The 70-year-old is now campaigning to oblige newspapers to notify their ‘victims’ before exposing their private lives.

He has taken his case to the European Court of Human Rights, where judges will deliver a verdict later this year. (ANI)

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