Real Madrid’s results don’t determine my future: Mourinho

Sunday, February 6, 2011

MADRID - Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has said that his future at the club doesn’t depend on his leading the side to good results, but on other factors.

Speaking in his weekly pre-match press conference ahead of Sunday’s league game against Real Sociedad, the Xinhua news agency quoted Mourinho as saying: “My future has nothing to do with sporting results, with us being in the cup final or winning or losing the Champions League or the league.”

He added: “Those are decisions that have to be taken by the club, my decision has to do with being happy and that the club is as well. At the moment you can say that I am happy, but that has nothing to do with results.”

He further said: “I am not in the perfect club, but the perfect club doesn’t exist and I am not the perfect coach, because he doesn’t exist either.”

“We are improving the structure of the club and we are going in a direction that I like, if the results arrive then even better and we will all be happier, but my decisions have a lot to do with my capacity to do my job in the best way possible,” he added. (ANI)

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