The top 20 online questions of 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LONDON - ‘Why are England so bad at football?’ and ‘Is The X Factor fixed?’ are the most common new questions being put to the Ask Jeeves search engine.

Ask Jeeves receives 360,000 direct questions and an average 1.8million queries - such as basic name searches - every day.

Here are the top 20 searched-for questions of 2010:

1. Why is England so bad at football?

2. Is the X-Factor fixed?

3. What is the Government going to cut next?

4. Who is Justin Bieber?

5. Did I vote for the right party?

6. Do all footballers cheat?

7. Should I buy an iPad?

8. What is Glee?

9. Why didn’t Coleen leave Wayne?

10. Will Big Brother ever come back?

11. Why didn’t Cheryl put Gamu through?

12. Where can I buy a micro pig?

13. Will I still get child benefit?

14. How are the Chilean miners surviving?

15. Where is the ash cloud?

16. Why did that woman put the cat in the bin?

17. When will the recession end?

18. Who killed Archie Mitchell?

19. Where can I buy a vuvuzela?

20. Where is Raoul Moat?

“Obviously with the volume of enquiries we receive on a daily basis it would be impossible to talk about all of them, so we have chosen to pick out some of the more prominent and frequent questions posed by Brits,” the Daily Mail quoted spokeswoman Nadia Kelly as saying.

“And many of those questions focus on popular culture, celebrities and things which affect life on a daily basis. As one of the biggest football supporting nations, it is only natural Brits would focus their attentions on the success of the World Cup, as well as the behaviour of England’s players over the past year,” she added.

‘Is X-factor fixed?’, ‘Will I still get child benefit?’ and ‘Who is Justin Bieber?’ also featured as one of the most asked questions this year, as the world tries to find out more about the Canadian teen pop star.

Kelly added, “We’re probably all sick of hearing about the X-Factor and the whole ‘is it or isn’t it fixed’ debate. But it continues to be something people are fixated on, and probably will be until the series ends at Christmas.”(ANI)

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