Aussies look like ‘a bunch of Clydesdales’ on field in Ashes series: Chappell

Sunday, December 12, 2010

SYDNEY - Former Australian captain Ian Chappell has branded Ricky Ponting’s team as “a bunch of Clydesdales” after the visiting England team outplayed them in the opening two Ashes Tests.

Australia has dropped 10 catches and botched a pair of run-outs, which has cost them a combined 777 extra runs.

“I haven’t seen England out-field Australia before by as much as this side did in Adelaide. The Australians looked like a bunch of Clydesdales in the field,” the Age quoted Chappell, as saying.

“Also, the Australians are not used to being out in the field for long periods without taking wickets. I mean, Jesus, six for 1137! It’s easier being a good fielder when the catches are coming along pretty regularly, but when you drop a guy on five and he makes 150 or 200, every so-and-so remembers that.”

“In past Australian sides, if you dropped a catch you knew that another chance would be coming along 10 minutes later,” he added.

Australia is currently 0-1 down in the five-match series after losing the second Test in Adelaide by an innings and 71 runs. (ANI)

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