Clarke’s India-based coach backs him to fire in remaining ODIs against England

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SYDNEY - Michael Clarke’s coach Neil D’Costa believes that the stand-in Australian captain will come out stronger in the remaining matches of the ODI series against England.

D’Costa said that Clarke would now start focusing on his game as Australia has rediscovered its winning ways after a horror Ashes series.

Clarke has received counsel from the India-based coach, whom he has known since he was seven.

“A lot of captains at different times … they don’t put their gas mask on first. They’re running around trying to fit everybody else’s gas mask. I feel as though with the team back winning he can get a little bit of oxygen in his lungs and settle back in his innings and we can see some runs,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted D’Costa, as saying.

“Why I think he will come out of it soon is simply this. The team’s started to win and as a captain that will make him feel that other guys are starting to be a bit more confident in their game. There seems to be more guys contributing,” he added.

D’Costa also said that the 29-year-old’s problems were not technical.

“Everyone seems to keep attacking his technical features. It’s not always technical, it’s an extremely mental game,” D’Costa said.

“These things tend to sneak up on you. It was not 12 months ago that he couldn’t stop scoring runs,” he added. (ANI)

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