Warne slams employer Herald Sun for writing ‘absolute crap’ about Oz Open ‘antics’

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MELBOURNE - Former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne has accused Herald Sun, a morning tabloid newspaper based in Australia, of reporting “absolute crap” about his “antics” at the Australian Open.

The tabloid had reported that Warne was hoping for “star VIP treatment for 14 of his closest friends” at Melbourne Park, and that he had asked for an escort when he arrived at 8pm on Sunday.

However, Warne appeared gobsmacked with the scrutiny of his night out.

“Just saw herald sun today - wow they speak absolute crap and I write for them! think they would check with me first before lying in print,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Warne’ Twitter post, as saying.

The 41-year-old agreed that he had been invited to the box of American tennis ace Andy Roddick.

“How does that turn into wanting 14 tickets, VIP treatment and escorts to seats. Please employer ask me before printing lies - AGAIN . . . ,” Warne said.

“Don’t care if I get sacked as it’s to many times now re herald sun printing lies and not facts about me and others. PRINT THAT FACT!!!”

“If i or anyone does something that’s worth reporting or if I or anyone else does something wrong sure - print it have no drama with that!”

“Followers if you agree with me that the herald sun has lost reporting - fact and what the public wants to read then write or call them,” he added. (ANI)

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