George Sotiropoulos Emerges Victorious

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Sunday, November 21, 2010

DETROIT ( The Main Card Lightweight bout yesterday in Detroit was rather a heart pumping one. The match apparently seemed predictable in the beginning as there seemed every chances of Joe Lauzon emerging victorious. However, by the end, George Sotiropoulos proved all the predictions wrong and registered the title. By the end of the match, the final score for the champion was 14-2, while that of Joe Lauzon was 19-6.

In round one of UFC 123, the match was commanded by Joe Lauzon. Trading some early punches, he landed a few very good strikes. George Sotiropoulos clinched but soon, Joe Lauzon got the separation. He landed a right and then got in with a straight left. A few single left shots by George Sotiropoulos was defended with full expertise by Joe Lauzon. The latter made a few more right to land his opponent in a combo. After cornering George Sotiropoulos towards the ring, he pushed him back and Joe Lauzon ended up on top in the half guard. With one minute left for the round, George Sotiropoulos completed the takedown and got into Joe Lauzon’s guard. George Sotiropoulos went to north-south, by pulling him down and got him into side control. However, after some more reciprocal fight, Joe Lauzon landed a few elbows to end the round. At that time, no one knew what was awaiting in the next round as the victory of Joe Lauzon seemed apparently visible.

In the second round, with about ninety seconds left, the match took a new turn as Joe Lauzon got fatigued by then. The champion came forward to land a few punches. This was followed by grabbing his single leg and popping back up in the clinch, while they scrambled. George Sotiropoulos continued landing some more knees by grabbing a thai clinch. He got north-south, pinned an arm and got an arm bar, to be followed with some more strikes to finally win the game. He will now head towards Australia on February 27 for the UFC 127.

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