100 million pound windfall for Champions League winner

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LONDON - Bucking the trend of recession, European football’s Champions League has been successful in pulling more money and the winner in Rome can expect almost 100 million pounds.

The Times of London reported that while the winner can expect to win almost 100 million pounds the loser can earn about 57 million pounds.

The daily quoted a study by Simon Chadwick for the MasterCard Heart of Sports Commerce, which said that the credit crunch has not affected the Champions League because of the range of evocative ties that had television viewers glued to their sofas and were popular with advertisers and sponsors.

Chadwick, who is also the director of the Centre for the International Business of Sport at Coventry University, estimated that the total value of the Champions League final this season has outstripped the corresponding match in 2008 between United and Chelsea by more than 40 million pounds to hit 272 million pounds in ticket sales, broadcasting revenue, merchandising and sponsorship.

The city of Manchester should benefit to the tune of about 13 million pounds in increased tourism and business.

“The Champions League proves that major sporting events can overcome the downturn because of their emotional appeal. Some people may choose not to travel to Rome but they will generate economic activity at home,” Chadwick was quoted as saying by the daily.

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