Celtics Scores Against Miami Heat

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BOSTON, (GaeaTimes.com)- The opening NBA match between Boston Celtics and Miami Heats, lead to a score of 88-80, emerging the Celtics victorious in the opening match, of NBA at TD Gardens in Boston. After the Celtics scored 0-4 in the field, it gradually took the scores up to 7-0. All through out the match, the Celtics were dominating the match, with a defensive attitude, giving very little chance to Miami Heats to score.

Celtics‘ Dwyane Wade scored 0-4, in the ten 1st quarter minutes and turned the ball over 3 times. At that point of time, Miami shot a mere 23.5% and scored 9 points, but it went down to 7, after after twelve minutes of the match. While Celtics scored a lead of 31-15, Miami lead was still trailing with 2-for-18 shooting slump. This is because the Celtics were very sure that the Miami heats would be playing an offensive game, and therefore they played the defense. Ray Allen, who was the highest scorer of the Celtics with 20, said that their opponents were positioned just like what they had anticipated and therefore defense was easy. Ray Allen was followed by Paul Pierce, who scored 19. Both of them did not let James LeBron run, and “were coming back out for the shooters” the moment he tried to score. Despite that, James LeBron finished the game with 31, which was much more than the highest scorer of the Celtics. However, it was their defense, that led to Celtics‘ victory. Miami heats had none team rebounds, while the Celtics scored ten team rebounds.

Boston Celtics scored 46.4% FGM-A, 50% 3GM-A, 64.o% FTM-A. While Miami Heats scores were, 36.5% FGM-A, 40% 3GM-A and 72% FTM-A. Critics say that Heat’s transition D was sloppy, their half court D was poorly positioned and their half court offense was also poor, when compared to Celtics‘ defense.

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