Motor Racing

Vityl Petrov Joined Hands with Lotus Renault
NEW YORK ( -- Lotus Renault team has welcome Vityl Petrov to its team as their new driver for two seasons.
Paris Hilton to have her own Motorcycle Team
LOS ANGELES ( -- The charming actress and heiress Paris Hilton who always tries to draw attention of photographers is all set have her own team on the world motorcycling championship circuit.
Renault F1 Team changed their name to Lotus Renault
NEW YORK ( -- The Renault Car company will be renamed as Lotus Renault in 2011.
NHRA Results Declared
POMONA ( The Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals, which have took place from November 1114 came to an end yesterday.
Amber and Angela Cope: Twin Sisters to Debut in NASCAR
Martinsville ( -- First ever in NASCAR history, that a set of twins Amber and Angela Cope will compete together in a national division in the Camping World Truck Series race Saturday at Martinsville.
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