Scotch pie undergoes fat-busting makeover

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LONDON - Scotch pie- the half-time snack of football fans in Scotland-has undergone a fat-busting makeover as a bakery has introduced a new low-fat version of the humble sweet treat.

After 18 months of fastidious experimentation and refinement befitting the perfumers of 18th century Paris, a bakery in Scotland’s biggest city has devised a new Scotch pie that promises to ease the burden on supporters’ waistlines.

While it doesn’t appear different from the traditional version, the crispy exterior of the treat from McGhee’s Bakery is a comparatively healthy treat.

It boasts at least 40 per cent less fat, 50 per cent less saturated fat, and 37 per cent less salt than the standard pie.

And keeping up with its proud Glaswegian roots, the family-firm has called the pie “McGhees wi’oot the greeze”, and hopes it will become a staple of the Scottish diet.

They have introduced the pies at Celtic Park’s healthy eating kiosks - as well as the grounds of Hearts, Partick Thistle, and several Central Belt secondary schools.

And the company has received overwhelming response.

In some areas, bakery spend has increased by up to 50 per cent as a result.

One chef who has been offering the pies for several weeks praised the “spicy” filling and said most of his customers are unaware that they are partaking in the low-fat alternative.

The pies will now go on sale this Saturday at the most suitable venue of all, Hampden Park, in time for the Active Nation Scottish Cup Final.

“We hope it adds to a memorable day for the fans and we are delighted Hampden has become the biggest venue in the country where all Scotch pies will now be reduced fat,” the Scotsman quoted McGhee’s sales manager, Ross Hamilton, as saying.

Along with football fans, McGhee’s is hoping to entice education departments and health boards with the low-fat pie.

While the traditional Scotch pie uses a meat filling, McGhee’s has opted for turkey, which has helped lower the fat content.

Otherwise, the recipe is deceptively simple, comprising of salt, pepper, rusk, water, and various other seasonings. (ANI)

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