Ferguson to change Man U team for 150th time in a row

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

LONDON - Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson will change his team for 150th time in a row when they host Valencia tonight.

Ferguson believes his side is back at the peak of their power after their 7-1 Premier League drubbing of Blackburn.

He said: “Winning 7-1 against Blackburn was a timely display that took us to the top of the Premier League table as our immediate rivals struggled.”

“We have been looking for that kind of rhythm for some weeks after winning games without really turning on the Christmas lights,” The Sun quoted Ferguson, as saying.

“That showed what their capabilities are. They are capable of that sort of performance. Scoring goals is always a confidence booster. It’s not anything more than we expected in terms of our abilities,” he said.

“What we did very well in the Blackburn game is get an early rhythm to our game and when we do that, we’re a very good team. They didn’t step beyond their capabilities, they played to their capabilities. That’s what we’re hopeful we’ll get now,” he said.

Ferguson team-tinkering stretches back to May 2008 when he last kept an unchanged side from the Champions League semi-final second leg win over Barcelona to the home league win against West Ham, The Sun reports. (ANI)

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