Dave Wannstedt Replaced As The Coach

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BIRMINGHAM (GaeaTimes.com)- Dave Wannstedt had to resign from the post of the Pittsburgh Panthers coach yesterday. The authorities of the team was under the impression that he was being unable to bring out the best out of his team, despite having competent players with a good potential. However, it has also been decided that he would not be dismissed from the college and would serve as the assistant to athletic director Steve Pederson. This shows the kind of respect and significance he still commands over the team.

Reportedly, the university had to take this decision because of lack of confidence in Dave Wannstedt’s ability. He was unable to head the team towards the bigger things like the BCS championship. They said that the fans have lost faith in him and it was probably due to him that they were unable to sell the tickets extensively even for home games this season. If he had to continue in the next season, then probably the same thing would have continued. However, the team is still grateful to Dave Wannstedt, as he had recruited some of the best players in his term of six years, most of whom had been very truthful and dedicated to the team. He even took the team to three straight bowl games after several years of dormancy and he has also been a good ambassador of the college football program. Yet, they did not want to take the risk for the upcoming season.

This year, the Pittsburgh Panthers were qualified only for the Compass Bowl, which is a minor Bowl. Yet, according to them, they could have easily made it to the BCS, had they defeated either Cincinnati or West Virginia. The team has not yet decided upon who would be the replacement of Dave Wannstedt.

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